Our Aircraft

Our Aircraft for Helicopter New York City

Helicopter New York is committed to safe, fun, and picturesque tours of New York City. We pride ourselves on flying the best aircraft available that allows for smooth flying and reduced noise. Our equipment is cutting edge and allows us to provide tours that are reliable and safe year around.

Bell 407: Safe and Secure

helicopter-ride-nyc-Helicopter-New-York-CityThe helicopter we have selected for our tours is the Bell 407. It is our top choice for a variety of reasons such as a spacious cabin, panoramic views, and accommodations for up to seven guests. The Bell 407 is safe and reliable. For your safety we provide a brief video prior to each tour that covers basic safety information before take-off.

TCAS System

The Bell 407 features the TCAS or Terminal Collision Avoidance System. This state-of-the-art system allows us to track air movements with beacon transponders. This measurement ensures you remain safe and equips our pilots with the information they need to provide the smoothest flight possible.

About the Bell 407

The Bell 407 helicopter provides optimal speed and maneuverability. The helicopter’s rotor performance assures that all of our passengers experience an optimally smooth ride. The Bell 407 is a very common helicopter and is often used in law enforcement, health, and news reporting. This helicopter is also often used in film and television.

Here are some other interesting facts:

  • First flight took place in 1995
  • Powered by the Rolls-Royce M250-C47B turboshaft engine
  • The Bell 407 has a cruising speed of roughly 152 mph
  • The approximate range of the Bell 407 is 370 miles
  • Numerous police departments, militaries around the world and the F.B.I. use this versatile and respected aircraft
  • The price tag of a Bell 407 is well in excess of $3 million dollars USD

Yes, a helicopter ride is a thrilling experience, but we ensure you that your safety first! Book your tour here!