New York Movie Tours Review

Even if you’ve never been to New York, I’ll bet you have a pretty good idea of what Manhattan looks like, considering all the movies and TV shows that have been set in the Big Apple. When you get a chance to visit, take a New York movie tour and you’ll get an up close and personal view of the locations of some films and TV shows that audiences have loved for generations!

New York Movie and TV Tours

Here’s a fun fact to keep in mind when thinking about taking a New York movie and TV sites tour : did you know that the movie business actually got its start in New York? Well, it did – film pioneers in the early 20th century started the industry in New York then moved out west to Los Angeles, where there was more undeveloped space to build film studios (and nicer weather, of course, too!).

So many movies and TV shows have been set in New York that it’s Gossip Girl? And what about the subway grate on the corner of 52nd Street and Lexington Avenue where Marilyn Monroe’s dress famously flew up in The Seven-Year Itch?

New York Movie & TV Tour Locations

A New York movie tour promises to be lots of fun for film buffs who want to see where their favorite classic films and TV shows were shot – whether it’s Lincoln Center, site of the romantic climax of Moonstruck, Little Italy, where Don Corleone was gunned down in The Godfather, Rockefeller Center, where 30 Rock takes place … the list goes on and on!

(Here are just a few more: Enchanted, The Amazing Spider-Man, Law and Order, You’ve Got Mail, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Seinfeld, The Devil Wears Prada, Men in Black, Black Swan, Smash … okay, I’ll stop now!)

While on the lookout for film and TV locations, you might be getting on and off a bus or strolling through Central Park, depending on which of the New York movie and TV site tours you choose. New York has played a starring or supporting role in countless films over the years, so there’s a lot of ground to cover on your New York movie tour, as nearly every neighborhood in the city has been featured in the movies or on TV.

No tour of New York movie and TV sites would be complete without cruising the city to check out locations from Sex and the City (both the legendary TV series and the feature film spinoffs) – a terrific idea for a bachelorette party, by the way! Take a specially-designed Sex and the City New York movie tour and you may even have the chance to get your picture taken on the stoop of Carrie Bradshaw’s building!