Hidden Gems of New York City

The Hidden Gems of the City That Never Sleeps

by Dominic Faiola

The typical to do list of any tourist set to travel in New York will include The Empire State Building, The Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.  These monuments symbolize and embody what New York is, but a returning traveler may want to stray from these must see sites.  Because these are the “go-to” tour stops the crowds’ can sometimes become overwhelming for even a seasoned New York tourist.  As an escape from this we give you the Hidden Gems of New York City, these little known tourist spots will open you up to see the history, culture, and an experience without lines that will make you the envy of even your long-time New Yorker friends.

Paley Center for Media

Formerly known as the Museum of Radio and Television this classic New York refuge is just the place for families and old time TV and movie buffs alike.  This museum stands in the minority of museums that rely on the interaction of who attend, sure there are a few exhibits but what really makes this place a must see is the viewing rooms.  The viewing room is where you can choose old TV shows to watch and they have just about any classic you can think of.  So if you’re looking for a place a little bit out of the ordinary spend an afternoon to take in the old days or show the kids how entertainment used to be.

Madison Square Garden ‘All Access Tour’

Any New York sports fan can appreciate the magic of Madison Square Garden. This tour provides a high end backstage look at the sought after areas of one of the most famous sports arenas in the world. The All Access Tour will give you a look into the team locker rooms where legends like Patrick Ewing & Mark Messier prepped themselves before games. The tour continues on to the VIP only restaurant giving the typical fan a glimpse of what MSG holds. Then to the private suites where the view of the games is surpassed by no other. This tour encompasses all of the history of one of the top sports cities in the country and the price for this tour is covered with the purchase of the New York Pass.

Circle Line’s Beast Speed Boat

One of the neatest things to do in all of New York is get off the land and onto the water on Circle Line’s Beast Speed Boat. The speedboat delivers an up close and personal view of the Statue of Liberty and a smooth ride along the cities waterways. Lasting thirty minutes and consisting of your tour guides squirting water guns and tossing water balloons your way, this ride will prove to be the envy of all the other tour boats you speed by as you see the look of,  “why didn’t we do that one” across all their faces. This ride will provide both kids (40’ and taller) and adults a fun thrill that’s a nice change of pace for most tours & best of all with the New York Pass you receive free entry!

Helicopter New York City

Feeling adventurous and looking for something new to explore? Then look no further than Helicopter New York City. Voted the number one tour in NYC for 3 years in a row, this tour is one of a kind and offers a view of some of New York’s most recognizable monuments only this time from a bird’s eye view. Offering a spectacular and breathtaking view of the city and giving a whole new perspective of what you can expect from a trip to New York. Using the most state of the art helicopters and pilots with thousands of hours of flight experience this is one tour that you will most certainly not soon forget. So leave the walking shoes at home this time around and book a once in a lifetime experience that will leave you enamored with the iconic wonder that is New York.