About NY Vacation Club

Helicopter New York City offers you views of the city and unforgettable skyline tours.  Expect to see one of the world’s most premier cities from never before seen angles and create lasting memories with the ones you love.  

Safe New York Helicopter Tours

We use the best helicopters for our tours. The Bell 407 is recognized for its safety and reliability. Each of our pilots are FAA certifies and have logged more than 2000 flight hours. We design and coordinate our tours to be safe, reliable, and fun.


All of our pilots are FAA certified and have logged thousands of hours.

Your New York helicopter tour has been carefully designed from the ground up to be as safe, reliable and fun as possible.

Helicopter New York City Always Puts Safety First

Choosing Helicopter New York City ensures you experience a once in a lifetime tour that is exciting, fun, and unique. Our Helicopters are equipped with advanced TCAS systems that offer you peace of mind. TCAS helps pilots find the safest and smoothest airspace for your riding enjoyment and comfort.

Our is very different from other tours because we are staffed by highly experienced team members that take pride in showing off all of what New York City has to offer. Once you arrive at our heliport you are introduced to our friendly staff that is dedicated to making you tour a memory that lasts a lifetime.

We Were Voted the Best New York Tour

We have been voted as the Best New York helicopter tour available. The Association of Hotel Concierges has voted the Helicopter New York City tours the Best in NYC! See why we were voted the best for yourself and book a tour today.

Flexible Policies

We not only offer life changing experiences and tours of our city but we offer flexible booking as well. We have instituted a highly flexible cancellation and rescheduling policies for your convenience. If you need to cancel either a chartered flight or a helicopter tour, simply let us know 48 hours in advance and you will not be charged. In the case that you need to change the time of your tour, contact us at least 24 hours in advance, so that we can reschedule you as soon as possible.

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